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Preschool Activity #2


Here is another tip on how to incorporate the Truth Cards into school/activity time:  Help them find the reference on the Truth Card in the Bible. If you missed my first post, you can find it here.

Here is how this idea evolved: The other day, we reviewed all the Truth Card verses that Austin has already memorized. When we looked at each picture, he said the verse. While I was doing this, he was trying to play with his Guideon-style New Testament/Psalm/Proverbs Bible that had become his must-have-carry-with-me-everywhere-object-of-the- day. I was happy he was carrying around his Bible; but was having a hard time getting him to focus and not just play with it. Read the rest of this entry


Preschool Activity #3


Last Summer, I added home pre-school time to our daily routine for Austin.

I like to have fun activities in our school time, and I also like to have an activity that will help Austin in an area where he might have some weakness. I try to keep activities that help him follow instructions, slow down, and focus. I’m not off my rocker, I know he’s only 4 and I know he’s a boy. But, we have no problem being creative, developing language, memorization, being social, entertaining, laughing, running, jumping, or taking charge.  We do have the typical boy challenges of focus, self-control, and listening….to name a few.

Anyhow, our new activity is stringing letter beads. We’ve done this before with colored beads and matching colors.

I bought these letter beads at Walmart with the fuzzy pipe cleaner.  I am a bit frustrated that the letter bag isn’t even with letters. I’m short on the following letters: U, R, and E. Hmmm.
I made two separate bags for him.

The first bag, I sorted the letters out for our names.  Austin James, Justus Reed, Mommy and Daddy. I put 4 pipe cleaners in bag. Tied a not at one end of the fuzzy pipes. Then I printed and laminated the corresponding names. I have the exact letters in this bag that he can do all four of our names and use up all the letters.

Second bag, I sorted out a bunch of other letters and made a list of random words they would spell as options for him.I used words like Cat, Bat, House, Joy, Love, Peace, etc. I printed and  laminated a list of these words with the mix of letters and the little fuzzy Read the rest of this entry

Fruit of the Spirit Activity


Galatians 5:22, 23- The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. We are using my friend Jenna’s Truth Cards each week to learn a different Bible verse with Austin. I’m going to share how we are using the Truth Cards and incorporating them into our daily routine and school and training time.

A little background: Austin is a typical 4 year old boy. So, a lot of our training time is spent practicing getting self control, following instructions, focusing on the task we are doing for more than 2 minutes, holding still, and slowing down a bit. Having fun is not something we have to work on. He is a good combination of Travis and I; but he definitely has some of my crazy hurricane-like excitement. So, when we learn a verse, we also usually learn a song, dance, or motions to it by request from Austin. I try not to make them seem too much like a cheer; but they do end up that way on occasion. So, here are some of our ideas and ways we are using the Truth Cards to learn the verse and other learning activities: Read the rest of this entry