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3 O’Clock Slump


Every afternoon between 1 and 2 pm I put Austin down (and now Justus), then I have a decision to make. I have about 2 hours (usually) of time to get something accomplished with (hopefully) uninterrupted time. But, no matter what, when 3 pm rolls around, I’m in a funk.

I kept analyzing what I was doing during the boys’ naptime to see what the problem was. Some days I start into a mad flurry around the house cleaning. Some days I’ve scheduled to log on and start doing my actual “paid” job during that time. Sometimes, I just crash especially if I’ve just been run into the ground by two pint sized little men. I either sit outside in the sunshine or scan facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. I realized that I’m super lazy on days that I stop moving or zone out reading facebook, blogs, etc. I need a plan for my 1-2 hours of time or I will just spiral into lethargic motion and possibly stay in that mode the rest of the day.  I do agree that I need a little break; but I need a productive way to rest up and gear up for the rest of the my day.

Then it hit me, once I again, I keep forgetting that I’m not 25 years old. Nope, I don’t go to work, go to the gym, go to dinner with Travis and then watch TV and go to bed. I keep forgetting that we are adults and parents now. I am not serious that I really forget; but I really think I act like I forgot. Yes, I have a 4 year old, I’m still just getting the hang of this parenthood deal!

The other day, I tried to help myself out a little bit. I decided to try to focus on the 2 Part Day. I’ve sort of got two days going on. Part 1:  6 ish to 3:30 or 4ish. Part 2 3:30 or 4:00-10:30 pm. I’m still acting like my day should end at 5 pm. I’m walking around a bit in shock each day that Austin and Justus wake up from their naps and need fed, need snacks, and want to do something. I am really still in shock that I have to make dinner every night. (I told you, I’m slow!) And that there is a bed time routine and then the house will still need cleaned up and that I need to get some actual “real job” work done!

So, my first step was to try to the Part 1 and Part 2 Day.

Then, I decided that I really need to have a plan (which can be tossed if the boys aren’t cooperating) for my 2 hours. Maybe I need to set a timer. Maybe I just need a rough list. I have to be sure to include some actual rest time or I’ll end needing a lot of rest time. I realize that most people don’t need as much actual physical rest as I do (but I need a lot or I won’t make it).

So, there is Step 2. Babies go down, rally myself with a pad and paper and sketch a quick plan based on how the day was going.

Then I got super excited because I realized I can apply an old “Southwestern Book Kid” tricks. (And if y’all don’t know I sold kids books for SW in college, you’re probably lucky that I’ve spared telling you all those fabulous stories). But, when we sold books, we worked 12+ hour days. So, at 3 pm, there was a natural slump. So, every day, we had this little trick. We wore stopwatches with an alarm set to go off at 3 pm. No matter where we were when our watch went off, we had to do something crazy. Usually we were hoping we’d be in the middle of a demo in someone’s house. So, we’d get up and turn in a circle and sit back down. If we were driving. We’d pull our car over (usually were not on an interstate) and get out and run around the car. If we were walking, we’d do a summersault or cartwheel.

So, I have no idea exactly what that will look like for me. Maybe y’all don’t have a 3 pm slump. Maybe it’s an 11 am slump or 1 pm slump. But, I think I need a little “3 o’clock slump” activity in my life. I’m not sure the summersault is a good idea anymore; but I’m thinking I might come up with something to do on days when I’m home at 3pm for 10 minutes to help me refocus my day. Cup of tea and and a note pad. Ice cold glass of water and 10 minutes on my balcony. Anything, something.

Anybody else have a little ritual to help you shake your daily slump? Oh, wait…y’all are probably super productive without gimmicks. Hee hee!


A of all.Shut the front door.Amen.Boomshakalaka.


I recently saw a post that was trying to ban a lot of the trendy sayings from 2010. Words like “epic” and “viral”. I didn’t like the use of the word “viral” for a long time. But, sadly…it’s gone viral.. Hahaha!

As educated as I like to pretend to be, I really like trendy slang expressions that borders on the edge of completely sounding like a teenager..Like, you know what I mean, for sure? But, seriously, some of my favorite slang expressions are complete copy cat rip offs from my fabulous friends. Here are some of my favorites:

“Shut the front door” from my friend Courtni
“A of all” from my friend Katie
“Amen! Hallelujah! Boomshakala!”  I heard this on a radio station last year. Cracked me up! But, I claim it as my own in my friend circle.
“Booyah” My friend Abby  has brought this back and I love it.
“Swirly” from my friend Marla Taviano. This is one she uses to describe her state of mind when she’s got a lot going on. This one is easy for me to adapt into my language. Because often I’m exactly that: swirly.

Courtni is unequivocally the most whitty and creative with her expressions. They roll of her tongue effortlessly and just when I think she’s plateauing on the creative conversation, I see her post a new and fresh expression! I haven’t fully made this one work; but she Read the rest of this entry