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He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.

Job 8:21 ESV


Preschool Activity #3


Last Summer, I added home pre-school time to our daily routine for Austin.

I like to have fun activities in our school time, and I also like to have an activity that will help Austin in an area where he might have some weakness. I try to keep activities that help him follow instructions, slow down, and focus. I’m not off my rocker, I know he’s only 4 and I know he’s a boy. But, we have no problem being creative, developing language, memorization, being social, entertaining, laughing, running, jumping, or taking charge.  We do have the typical boy challenges of focus, self-control, and listening….to name a few.

Anyhow, our new activity is stringing letter beads. We’ve done this before with colored beads and matching colors.

I bought these letter beads at Walmart with the fuzzy pipe cleaner.  I am a bit frustrated that the letter bag isn’t even with letters. I’m short on the following letters: U, R, and E. Hmmm.
I made two separate bags for him.

The first bag, I sorted the letters out for our names.  Austin James, Justus Reed, Mommy and Daddy. I put 4 pipe cleaners in bag. Tied a not at one end of the fuzzy pipes. Then I printed and laminated the corresponding names. I have the exact letters in this bag that he can do all four of our names and use up all the letters.

Second bag, I sorted out a bunch of other letters and made a list of random words they would spell as options for him.I used words like Cat, Bat, House, Joy, Love, Peace, etc. I printed and  laminated a list of these words with the mix of letters and the little fuzzy Read the rest of this entry