Advent Hope Week: Monday and More Resources


Advent Hope Week Plan:

Make Advent Candle Craft with Austin after preschool today- Decorate the Hope Candle
Memorize Romans 15:13 (He has made up a version: May the God of Hope fill you with joy & peace…and kindness and self control)
Sent a notecard w/ memory verse and colored a candle with the word Hope on it for his lunch

Pick One other Craft for Adventure in Advent Book-
Pick out Christmas Tree & decorate by the end of the week
Finish Decorating the house with his help
Read Song of the Stars with him
Let him play with the mini nativity next to the Advent Candle

Advent Resources:

I keep seeing more great resources for Advent that I want to share.

Noel Piper posted about a book called Behold the Lamb. There is also an accompanying soundtrack. You can only order this from the Rabbit Room right now because it’s sold out on Amazon.

Also, I do suggest that you follow & subscribe to Noel’s blog. She is posting readings and plans for Advent, too. Her blog is

Additionally, I am eagerly waiting for Song of Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones to come in the mail. She is the author of the Jesus Storybook Bible that I think is the best children’s Bible Storybook there is. It is the only book that I’ve read that ties each story to the Cross of Jesus. The story of Jonah isn’t told to remind our children to obey so they don’t end up in the belly of a big fish, it encourages them to see their need for Jesus and need for repentance. (Oh, really? You mean that’s  what we are supposed to teach our kids. The Bible isn’t meant to manipulate our children into robots? What?! C’mon!)

Also, we had an amazing opportunity to meet Scott Williams and his family this weekend. He spoke at Seacoast on Church Diversity, which is also the title of his book that you should include in your Christmas shopping. He just posted on his blog about another great Ebook Devotional. Check out the sample readings, too. The devotional is called Reboot Christmas.

If you can’t tell, books are one thing that always fit in our budget. I can honestly say, that I’d probably give up highlighting my hair before I gave up books.

Also, You Version, just sent me an email with several reading plans.

  1. Countdown to Christmas 29 days
    A fun Advent activity calendar to teach your whole family the significance of Christmas
  2. Christmas Begins with Christ 28 days
    Devotional focusing on the joy, peace, and hope surrounding Jesus’ birth
  3. Rediscovering the Christmas Season 25 days
    Scriptures and reflections that will help you center each day on Christ
  4. Carols: A Christmas Devotional 25 days
    Devotional revealing the biblical roots of classical Christmas songs
  5.  The Christmas Story 5 days
    Biblical prophetic context and historical Gospel accounts of the Savior’s birth

Addtionally, these are the verses we plan to read for our Advent Candles:

Week 1) Romans 15:12-13 Isaiah 60:2-3

Week 2) Luke 3:4-6 Mark 1:4-

Week 3) Luke 2: 7-15 Isaiah: 35 10

Week 4) John 3:16-17 Isaiah 9:6-7

Week 5) Revelations 3: 20-21


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