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Crazy People


That’s all I can think of: Crazy People! I’ve been on my feet all day long. Travis has been driving all over loading/unloading van loads of amazing donations for our garage sale next Saturday.

So, I promised re-caps of our fundraising/savings. So, I’m sharing about what is going on right now. I’m very premature on this post because our garage sale is not til next weekend; but we are walking in faith and Katie has already confidently been praying over this for at least a week for us. In the last 24 hours we have filled our garage with brand new beach chairs, variety of pictures, dvd players, baby clothes, bikes, toys, guitars, nick nacks, lamps, accesories, household goods, kitchen things, etc. Amazing! We posted on facebook and on our online community at Seaocast that we’d take donations/stuff if people were just going to take it to Goodwill. Several of the people who have given us things don’t even know us at all. We have had some offers for bigger furniture; but we are realizing it might be easy for friends to sell it on Craig’s list & then donate the proceeds to us. So, we are a bit stuck there.

Our plan is to post the nicer items on Craig’s list this week & also post we have a garage sale this weekend. We are getting great feedback already. That way our garage is set up for people to come and look at things and maybe pick up something else when they come, etc. We are mentioning that it’s a fund raiser, so we are telling people are taking best offer. We don’t want to be freaky to people; but we really do hope for best prices.

Here are some of the other recaps of ways we’ve raise money already:

Joy’s Headbands over $100 (and she’s making 100 more!)
Ebay total from items we owned $75 (things that didn’t sell at the consignment sale)
Craig’s list/Pre Garage Sale $37
Saving as we go & sticking all our cash & change in a jar roughly $100
Consignment sale $144
Coffee sales in one month $45 (from
Friends buying 5 onesies $20 (hmm.KR, you know who you are! thank you!)

For those of you who want to do the math, I’m sure it’s over $600

Bonus: We re-financed our house for a lower mortgage & got to skip a mortgage payment, that money is going straight to the fund.
Second Bonus: Travis won a contest at work and we ended up w/ a surprise of $350!

So, we are super excited that we are well on our way to our homestudy fee!

Again, we are sharing this because we hear at least once or twice a week that others “hope we can afford that one day, too” and we just want to share the ups and downs a long the way.

We are in homestudy/final application still process.

Please pray for us this weekend as we go into the garage sale. Our neighborhood has a garage sale planned, so we get free advertising.

We are also going to have Austin do a lemonade stand. So, please pray for us and if you feel like coming to shop or hang out or help us on Saturday morning, please come join us!

Thanks for being a part of this. Every donation and every prayer is included in this story! We are grateful!