Next Steps: Adoption


So, we have some exciting new! We chose to work with Bethany Christian Services for our adoption ( We are applying to their Waiting Child Program. In adoption, things can change at any time. So, what we know is that we are applying for a little girl most likely from Asia through the WCP (Waiting Child Program).  This means she will probably be about 12- 16 months old and that is about how long the process could take…which means, she could possibly have already been born or she is about to be born (Oh, please pray for her birthmom and our daughter and her caregivers if she’s already in foster/orphan care!)

Travis and I have already had chances to talk to so many of you about adoption and we are so excited to hear how many of our friends hope to adopt some day. So, we have had confirmation over and over from our close group of friends and some family that we know we need to be very open about the details of how this process goes. That means, we are going to really try to share the ups and downs of this journey and as many details as we are allowed to share or legally can. So, yep, we also feel that we should share about the money challenge, too. I had a friend just last week call and tell me that she’s watching to see how this goes. I’ve had other friends say they hope to be able to afford this someday, too. So, I want to be open, too that we are just following and trusting God for this. We didn’t win the lottery or suddenly get rich and I’m not going back to work full-time. I fact, we have a hole in our kitchen floor that is proving to us that this isn’t going to be any of our fancy footwork; but HIS!

But, for now, our first fee is $550.00 for the Formal Application which is different than our initial application and includes a pile of paperwork about an inch thick and asks all kinds of background questions about our lives and our families, etc. We also will be meeting with our social worker from Bethany very soon. She is going to meet with us as we are working on collection all of this initial paperwork. We also will then schedule our homestudy meetings. That fee will be roughly $3000.00. So, this first chunk ($3500) is about 1/7 of our total fee. I’ll explain more later about fees.

We are trying to be creative with our fundraisers so that we can truly know what might be helpful for others, too. So, here are just a few of the things we are starting with:

Joy’s Headbands: Joy is making amazing headbands for babies, toddlers and adults. I think she’s going to try to make us 100 of them before the end of the month. Stay tuned for those who are interested! I’ll be posting them here and on facebook and twitter and possibly having them available at the Rocktoberfest at Seacoast.

Coffee from Just Love Coffee: We can make $5.00 a bag of coffee and small fees off everything from Just Love’s website. Their coffee is fair trade and also goes to orphan care ministries all over the world. We chose them for this reason and the fact that they are connected to the Together for Adoption organization. Our page is

That is just a few of our ideas and we have more that are in the works and welcome any other ideas, too.  We’ll do a big garage sale (and yes, we’ll take your donations for that) and silent auctions or online raffles (maybe even for an American Girl Doll) ,etc.

Please pray for us. I truly mean that. Please pray for us during paper work times. I’ve had some pretty intense stress any time I have to sit down and work on paperwork and would love prayers for peace.

We have a lot of peace that this money is going to show up and please pray that our faith continues every day and that we can continue to just follow God’s lead.

I just told Travis that I feel like I have so much to share right now; but we’ll stop here…

Other things on our task list: Makeover Jess’ blog! It’s not too fancy, I know!


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