Please vote for us Today only, August 26, so we can go to Together for Adoption Conference!


We have been praying, hoping, crossing toes & fingers & almost making people crazy trying to figure out if we can make it to this conference in October. Why? Well, we are in the process of starting our own first adoption; but at the same time feel a huge call to orphan care in general. This conference is the core of what we feel God is calling us to: Missional Living, the Gospel & Orphan Care. So, we are so eager to be there. Bonus: It’s 10 minutes from my sister & brother-in-law’s home so we would get time with them and have a free place to stay, too. Anyhow, we’d love your vote.

Here is the quick version:

1. Go to
2. Vote for Kids Caring 4 Kids in the “Most Creative Fundraiser” and “Small Charity Category”
3. Then on FB like Lifesong for Orphans & post on their wall: Jessica ‘Miner’ Carpenter Miner Carpenter asked me to vote for Kids Caring 4 Kids & I did ”.
(see my note on my wall for specific step by step details)

Here is the step by step version, if this seems challenging.

1.    Go to

2.    Go to “Charity Categories”

3.    Click on “Small  Charity of the Year”

4.    Select “Kids Caring 4 Kids”

5.    Click “Vote”

6.    Scroll down a bit more to “Most Creative Fundraiser” (also under Charity Categories)

7.    Select “Kids Caring 4 Kids”

8.    Click “Vote”

9.    Scroll up to the top of the page, to the right, click on the gold button that says “Submit My Votes”

Half way there!

10.    Go back to Facebook.

11.    Go to LifeSong for Orphans page (

12.    Click on“Like” to like their page.

13.     Post on LifeSong’s wall “Jessica Miner Carpenter asked me to vote for Kids Caring 4 Kids and I did ”.


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