Pray for Vision


In December, I started to venture into a new position at Seacoast. Justus was only a few months old, and I was still a zombie with nursing and baby stuff. I sat with my new boss and hashed out a the role of my position. I have a part time gig overseeing our online community. I only have a small piece of it and can honestly say I touch maybe 10% of how massive this tool is.

Anyhow, during this meeting, I remember that Josh prayed that I would have a vision for this ministry.

Just like John Piper’s request for prayer for his faith to increase, now I’m remembering and re-hashing this moment of prayer for vision. It seemed sort of odd to me because I am working very part-time on a massive online community that I was quite frankly concerned about crashing and even more hoping to anonymously hack away at this project.

Fast forward six months later, I still am a super relectant “specialist” on this area; but I am so greatful for a role and a season of seeking God’s vision in each step. I don’t want to step out without his presence (Exodus 33) and I certainly only want to step where he is leading (Prov 16:9). But, over and over throughout the last few months, as my fingers have paused over the key board and my eyes have scanned the news feeds, I’ve heard that prayer whispering in my heart: God give me the vision! Help me see this work! Gotta be honest, this is a pretty sweet and peaceful place to work from.

God, help me to keep this focus!



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