Preschool Activity #4


I’ve been saving the random parenting and baby magazines that come into my house instead of trashing them lately for activities.

Today, we pulled out the Pottery Barn Kids summer magazine and started our search to work on some character training and for the letter “B”.

Austin loves to sound out words, cut, paste and glue.

We started by talking about “loving one another”. Austin has been making typical 4 year old statements like: “This is mine and I don’t want to share.” Followed by a stomping the foot and making mean faces. He is also learning new techniques of trying to hoard his toys since Justus can scoot after his things. We’ve made major progress over the last few years with sharing; but have room to grow. And sharing is an issue for most kids. Again, my desire and goal is to reach his heart. Last night, he was in a bit of a rage about something random and said: “I only care about myself. I don’t care about any body else.” Yep, Austin. That sums up most of our hearts and attitudes and most of the world’s thought process even though we’ve learned as adults to craft our words differently and would be aghast if anyone said that outloud even if they mean it.

So, we looked up a few verse on loving one another and talked about ways to show love. We also talked about why we love each other and I walked through a few question/answer conversations with him to see if he could tell me why we love others. He found a few pictures of kids sharing and one of a child sitting alone and how we could show love by including him, etc.

Then we moved onto the “B” activity. We flipped through the pages of Pottery Barn for “B” words. Of course, we all think our children are brillant; but it was so much to see his face light up. He even caught some words before I did.

Here is his list:

Boat, Books, Baby, Blocks, Letter B, Bear, Bed, Bucket, Balls, Basket, Backpack, Bag, Beach, Bicycle, Board, Bow, Bird, Bubbles, Bird House. My favorite is that he started saying “Bbb. Bbbb. Bible”  I have no idea why PB didn’t have a Bible in their magazine. Ha! But, I grabbed the Bible Study magazine and like a good Christian magazine found a picture of the Bible within 2 seconds.

He was thrilled.

So, this was a great and easy activity.  As the mom, I was impressed with “Backpack” and “Basket” and “Board” from the Surf Board. And, of course, the B-I-B-L-E – booyah!


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