Being-Right Syndrome


It’s great to strive to do well. Perform at our peak and offer our perfect performances in our vocation, family and socail lives.
It’s awesome to be educated. It’s imperative to know right from wrong- mainly with the understanding that all Truth is not relative.

But,what happens when being-right sydrome invades our desires for doing well and becomes the focus of our attention and the striving of our hearts more than anything else.

How often does that translate into legalism? Or rather, how can that syndrome not translate into legalism? How often can it paralyze us?
How often can we not move beyond the log in our own eye?

Sometimes, being-right syndrome creates a paralysis that prohibits engagement in real growth. We miss the entire point of Jesus’ death if we are just striving solely to be right.

Further, this syndrome creates a static existence that is only self-made. If our goal is to never be perceived as being wrong or we are unable to admit an error, how can we say that we understand Jesus’ death on the Cross?  How does that play into our salvation?


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