Preschool Activity #2


Here is another tip on how to incorporate the Truth Cards into school/activity time:  Help them find the reference on the Truth Card in the Bible. If you missed my first post, you can find it here.

Here is how this idea evolved: The other day, we reviewed all the Truth Card verses that Austin has already memorized. When we looked at each picture, he said the verse. While I was doing this, he was trying to play with his Guideon-style New Testament/Psalm/Proverbs Bible that had become his must-have-carry-with-me-everywhere-object-of-the- day. I was happy he was carrying around his Bible; but was having a hard time getting him to focus and not just play with it.

We were saying, Galatians 5:22-23 that is the Fruit card. I turned the card over. I pointed to the word “Galatians” and asked him to help me find it in his Bible. I said, “Let me show you something, Buddy. Watch this. Look at the top of your Bible. Can you find a word that matches this one. This is Galatians, with a ‘G’. Can you see if you can find Galatians at the top of the page in your Bible?”

He started to  flip through the pages, and I helped guide him to Galatians. He was overjoyed, to say the least. So, then I showed him  how to find the chapters. We looked for “Galatians 5” at the top of the page. Then we scrolled through the Chapter looking to match “22”.  When we found the verses, I asked him if I could read it to him.

He was amazed. He said: “Mom! It’s my verse! It’s in the Bible! You found my verse in the Bible!” I could almost see the brain cells connecting in his little mind and the light bulbs flashing.

I grabbed the camera before we looked up the next verse, so I could capture his expression.

Finally, I found a yellow colored pencil, and after giving detailed instructions on the fact that only adults can write in the Bible, I highlighted the verses. Then we looked up the first 4 verses that he has already learned and highlighted them in his Bible, too. I explained to him that he could flip through his Bible and try to find his verses when he wanted to read them on his own.

(Side note: His little Bible is a different version than the TruthCards. So, I was sure to use the TruthCard version, so that what I said matched what I was “reading”.)


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