Don’t Be Freaky


I love that Pastor Greg often says: “Don’t be freaky”. Usually he’s referencing activity at First Wednesday Praise & Worship service. And before everyone starts screaming “what will people think when they here I’m a Jesus freak…” and waving DC Talk banners at me, hear me out. Pastor Greg is saying that we don’t need to go around being obnoxiously freaky on purpose. One of the most delicate paradox of Christian faith is being sure to know the Christianese but not always spouting off like a crazy person that people would have to have seminary degree to understand. Jesus is not that complicated. As Mike Breen said: “Shallow enough for a baby to bathe  in and deep enough for an elephant to swim in.”

Well, here is my “don’t be freaky” moment…err some of the moments. The last few weeks have held a few out of skin experiences. I really committed to digging in during Awaken 21 to revive what was being dumped into my mind, heart and soul. I also decided to fight for every second of quiet time to listen or read or pray. So, for a few days during this time, I drove between my house and my parents twice a day to feed their dog. As I was driving, I was praying or wrestling some thought, concept, prayer, etc. As I waited on Sundance to do her doggy-business, I scanned the shelves of my parent’s bookcases to find a book on the exact topic or concept that I was praying about. And these were books that I’ve never noticed before. They were randomly stuck in between other books. For example, I was wrestling around the concepts of paradox, grace, and truth one night. I look up and see Paradox of Grace and Truth by Randy Alcorn. The following day through some other really random connections, I started pulling some thoughts on what everyone is trying to say when they say “look to the Cross” or “just preach Christ crucified”, jumping off the shelves two days later was C. J. Mahaney’s book on this topic.

Then, I walked into my Bible study class last Thursday and two very random topics of discussion came up, that I had just been pondering the night before in prayer and reading. I do not ever remember a time that I felt so specifically led from one passage of scripture, book, verse, message, song, or conversation to another. Almost as if he was saying, “Do you see it? Don’t miss. I’m trying to tell you something.” Or maybe, I’m just really listening this time…

Words aren’t adequate. But, the list could go on and those are the less freaky of the kind of freaky experiences going on.

Reading in Breen’s Discipleship Culture today at the doctor’s office, he was talking about praying through and studying the Lord’s Prayer. Tonight, I finally got around to a cd that was handed to me last week to listen to for a wedding that I’m coordinating this weekend. The Song “Your Love is Strong” by Switchfoot’s lead singer starts with the Lord’s Prayer. Amazing reinforcement.

Yes, Jesus. I’m listening. Please, keep leading!


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