Somehow in the last few years, I’ve felt my love for writing disappear. Partly, my attempt at hacking away at this blog is to recover it. Partly my attempt at writing again is to attack my inability to clearly focus on one thing at a time anymore.

Partly because there is something in my soul that comes alive during times of writing.

So, I was praying through creating new-old habits and including writing and reading authors that have been shelved for years.  During that time, my friend, Molly,  from Taylor started posting about writing haikus. It was so fun to suddenly be on a “reply all” message with some of the people I considered quite artsy and fabulous writers at Taylor. Someone posted about a group of writers who wrote a haiku every day for a year. So, I’m humbly dipping my toe back into this group. I’ve always adored this group of people, some of them I have know better than others, and I’ve always been grateful to dabble in this little writer’s circle.

Here is Michelle’s blog: http://sarnwenandaldaron.blogspot.com/2011/01/haiku-examen-part-i.html

And I’m jumping in. Making this the year of the haiku. Not sure I’ll write one every day, so I’m going to try to write 5 of the 7 days.

Here is my first one. I think maybe I’ll think about posting my favorites weekly, on Saturday or Sunday.

Of course, this does not help my whacky self-indulgent thought that I will someday be the next Emily Dickenson. But, here goes.


letters and sounds
rhythmically cascading inside
memories now alive


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