Gettmeouttahere and The Chipmunk


A couple nights ago, I sat down at the computer for a few minutes.  I had spent an entire day in meetings at the church. It was the first day I had left Justus for a long time. And he refused to take a bottle. Let’s talk about some stress for a nursing mom sitting in a meeting all day trying to concentrate and not burst into tears at any moment because you are so worried a bout your baby eating. (Side note: my mom rocked “Grandma” duty that day. And I came home to both boys sleeping peacefully.)

I was really tired. But, I have been trying to limit my “zone-out” time carefully. Trying to read more, spend less time scanning Facebook or watching television. Trying to press through my tiredness and fill up on good things. Yet, I am so glad I logged on to Facebook the other night. I had no idea that my extra heap of “filling up with some grace and good laughter” would come from Facebook that night. I’m so grateful for my friends Ingrid and Andy who live in Chicago. I noticed a newsfeed post that Andy had listed Ingrid as his grandmother. Made me laugh. In the same moment, Ingrid posts that she has listed Andy as her granddaughter. So, the laughter continues. Their online banter is usually therapeutically entertaining. The best part is envisioning them sitting in Chicago on dueling laptops posting funny things about each other.

In the middle of all of this, I send Ingrid a copy of the picture of my horse Frosty & I that I somehow find necessary to post on facebook from time to time. This is my horse, Frosty. Well, rather my pony. I find this picture of myself hysterical. And Frost looks like he’s about to freak out. My pink upside-down glasses had smurfs etched on the side of them. Seriously!? My mom still claims she tried to talk me out of them.

But, here’s the background on Frosty and how I remember things: My parents bought him for me, when I was in elmentary school. He was wonderful….for about three weeks. The first day that I had Frosty, I remember riding him for hours by myself. Let him “have his head” as the horse people say. Meaning, he was just running and galloping and cantering around the paddock. But, Frosty apparently liked to be ridden every day or he was not happy. Since I couldn’t drive yet, Frosty was ridden on the weekends. He threw my brother off his back one day. Then I remember him bucking me right off and onto the ground. Then I remember that my dad swung his leg into the stirrups to “show him who was boss”. When Frosty launched my dad into a pile of grass, Frosty was on his way to a new home. The best part is that Frosty made the Lima News the following year as winning some award in the county fair.

My sister loves to joke about the fact that I had a pony. It’s such a funny joke. “Jess, you were that girl with a pony!” Uh, huh. The pony that bucked me right off his back.

But, Miss Ingrid took this to an entirely nutha-level. After posting this picture to her on facebook last night, she and I and Andy ended up about 150 comments deep in a trail of straight out comedic comments about Frosty. Ingrid has affectionately named him “Getmeouttahere”.

I can not possibly recapture the whit and humor of the posts. The side-splitting-pee-your-pants laughter of the dialogue on facebook between the Williames & me the other night. But, we discussed my smurf glasses, the crazy pony, and yes, even laughed at how  much I look like a chipmunk.

But, I was so grateful that I logged on to Facebook the other night. Because I needed to laugh. I needed to laugh really hard that day.

My friend Jenna said “don’t you love those God winks?” Yes, yes, I do. I love God winks and elbow nudges that remind me that He’s got my back!


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  1. A. I love that I totally got a blog shout-out (wahooey!) B. I think people need to understand that I affectionately refer to him as Getmeouttahere because when I look at his face (even though it is hidden by those beautiful blond bangs), I swear that is what he’s saying. Hence why the bucking and throwing then commenced.

    I still laugh and laugh when i think about the conversation that night, and I also laugh and laugh when I look at that picture, and how Andy says you look like a chipmunk (& someone else did too!!)….which I would take as a compliment of course… 🙂

    I love your stories!!

  2. sweet…i was mentioned in a blog! i’m famous!

    …and yes, that was a hilarious night…and i cannot believe that was January!! it seems like it was 4 or 5 weeks ago…

    time for some more blogs, yo

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