Nineveh Nudge


I’m feeling like Jonah lately. Sort of irritated. Poking around. Kicking at the curb of my heart. Doing a “Yes, Lord?! What are you telling me?” And then being frustrated with the answer and trying to do the opposite.

Teaching your kids obedience and saying that “Honey, let’s try again. You are not the boss. Mommy and Daddy have to obey God, and you have to obey Mommy and Daddy.” Yep, we have to explain that over and over. Yeah, try to get away with being a mess before God when you say that every day to your 4 year old.

So for me, a theme is coming in these Nineveh Nudges for obedience. More like an obedience in my life in general. Down to the core obedience. Heart obedience. The kind of obedience I like to pretend that I am always good at, but I know I’m not. There are two specific situations where I really believe God may be calling me, and I realize I really don’t want to do it. I’ve realized I’m really getting stubborn. I’m really starting to pull a lot of “No, thanks God. Think I’ll go for a sail, instead” moments.

And it’s sort of annoying when you know you are getting a nudge in a certain direction, or you know you need to get yourself in check with a specific scripture you just read. And then you realize you absolutely don’t want to do what you know is right. Grrr.. Nineveh Nudges!

But, I’d rather take a Nineveh Nudge then be in the belly of the fish! And it’s scary stuff, too. Arguing with God. C’mon! I say this a bit in jest; but this is just the truth of what goes on in my head. I dare say, it probably goes on in most of our heads and hearts if we really listen. If we are really honest. But, we’ve got to call it what it is.

And I think admitting you are not really wanting to do something is helpful. It helps our “calling” less about our strength and ideas, and more about His power by the Holly Spirit. So, we better start marching toward Nineveh when we get the Nineveh Nudge.

Anyone else struggling with some Nineveh Nudges?

Do you recognize them right away?

Are you honest enough to say you don’t always like what you know is the right thing to do?


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