A of all.Shut the front door.Amen.Boomshakalaka.


I recently saw a post that was trying to ban a lot of the trendy sayings from 2010. Words like “epic” and “viral”. I didn’t like the use of the word “viral” for a long time. But, sadly…it’s gone viral.. Hahaha!

As educated as I like to pretend to be, I really like trendy slang expressions that borders on the edge of completely sounding like a teenager..Like, you know what I mean, for sure? But, seriously, some of my favorite slang expressions are complete copy cat rip offs from my fabulous friends. Here are some of my favorites:

“Shut the front door” from my friend Courtni
“A of all” from my friend Katie
“Amen! Hallelujah! Boomshakala!”  I heard this on a radio station last year. Cracked me up! But, I claim it as my own in my friend circle.
“Booyah” My friend Abby  has brought this back and I love it.
“Swirly” from my friend Marla Taviano. This is one she uses to describe her state of mind when she’s got a lot going on. This one is easy for me to adapt into my language. Because often I’m exactly that: swirly.

Courtni is unequivocally the most whitty and creative with her expressions. They roll of her tongue effortlessly and just when I think she’s plateauing on the creative conversation, I see her post a new and fresh expression! I haven’t fully made this one work; but she often says “awesome blossom” and recently posted “holy best day ever batman!” on my facebook page the other day. Made me laugh! Creative stuff, Cjeffers! I love whitty friends.

Another one: “hot mess”. My sister does well at saying this, but I haven’t owned this one completely without sound like I’m trying.

My friend Karen use to say “Seeeeeee….” in a really long drawn out way when something was coming to fruition.

Here’s the deal: A of all, if you are going to copycat a friend’s awesome possum slang expression, you better practice and make it sound like your own…I’m just sayin’….(See! See how I did that?! My pastor was an early adopter of using “just sayin'” really well, too. I recycled that one for awhile in my daily language, too.)

What are some of your favorite slang expressions? Most hated slang expressions?

Are you original or do you like to copycat like I do? Or are you a poser and try to pretend you are a original; but you know you ripped someone off?

How do you try to work the copycat expressions into your language and making them your own?

My advice for those who want to copy cat and want to be a poser and not fess up to the slang theft you are committing- mix up where you drop these fresh lines. Copycat your friends who live far away with your local friends or copycat your distant friends around your local friends. It’s a lot of work. But, don’t tell me you don’t consciously know the kind of language style you have around certain people. You do.

For example, my friend Katie, lives here, says “A of all”, so I don’t usually drop the “A of all” in our little friend group. However, I used it on a comment to my friend in Chicago’s facebook page. I got a good old “lol on the ‘A of all'” response. Booyah! …See there is another one.

Final thought: always give credit when you get a compliment on your whittyness. Or don’t. Be a poser. Whatever. But, I’ve got dibs on Boomshakalaka, so you better at least give me a knowing glance, a head nod, or DM on twitter if you drop that like it’s your own and you’ve never said it before.

Carry on! I know you feel smarter now that you’ve read this post!


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  1. I love the lil shout-out….and I have always been so tempted to say “a of all” after you wrote it on my wall….I haven’t yet. But I’ll let you know when I do!! 😉
    My sister-in-law and I always say random trendy words, or things we just make up. We say “totes” like it’s going out of style, and we definitely still say “booyah” all the time…as does my brother. 🙂
    I feel so flattered when my friends start adopting my crazy lingo, so I know your friends are feeling good about their words getting more life. 🙂
    Oh and I totally steal phrases from 30 Rock…cause I love that show….e.g. “what the what???” – one of my faves!!

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