First Post Jitters


I’m an early adapter. early adopter.

I generally like change. I like technology.

But, here’s my confession, six years ago I had my own little blog. I even did a family blog for the first two years of Austin’s life. That was when blogs were simple. I mean, honestly, it was amazing. You type your thoughts. You edit them. You post them. …

And then…MAGIC…you have published something. Well, it’s not that fascinating anymore.

It’s a bit scary to enter this blogosphere world and not just hide behind my sweet little boy’s faces..It’s serious stuff these days.

So, here goes. Too much pressure for a really fabulous first post. So, this is it…first post. Done.

Nothing fancy. Just me. Taking off my acrylic nails… chipped nails..tapping away at my keyboard in my fluffy socks and my maternity pajamas listening to the Over the Rhine pandora radio station with gmail, the city, facebook and twitter open on my tabs..and I’ll still be quietly amazed when I hit “publish” and see my own words published intoo cyber space oblivion. I’ll re-read the post. Probably hit the edit button, and then publish it one more time…

I might even do a little Amen Hallelujah Boomshakalaka


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