Christmas Reflections 2010


Christmas and I had been at odds for the last few years. Just been so busy. The stress of all the responsibility had really been overwhelming. In fact, this  blog has sat neglected for almost a year. But, the post from Jan 2, 2010 said that I was setting a goal not to hate Christmas 2010. Yah! Thank you, Jesus, I didn’t hate it this year!

However, Christmas 2010 was definitely still stressful with a new baby and a pirate birthday party to plan. However, God dumped an extra heap of joy into my Christmas season by discovering and implementing some Advent traditions and celebrations. And it was God. Not me. Just a bunch of Jesus dumped into the middle of my chaos, my messy house, and my sleep deprivation took over my previous joy-less holiday pre-season.

Hoping to start a bit earlier in November next year. Here are some of the highlights of celebrating the preparation of the coming of Jesus- the season of Advent.

I’m posting links to some of the resources I found helpful to my little Advent celebration. My favorite part was lighting the Advent Candles on Sundays and the activities that I did with Austin. Travis has asked that I get a real advent wreath next year. I did it the week after the first Sunday, so I ordered a set of the candles from amazon (prime-free shipping) for 4.99 and made the wreath w/ some ghetto greenery. I also found out later that YouVersion has an advent Bible reading plan. I hope to do that next year, and really get focused. I was also inspired by Jessi’s blog & her list of advent ideas & the devotionals that she shared.

The Adventure of Christmas

Jessi’s Blog with her list of advent ideas & she even made advent cards that I never got to print.

I teetered between two devotionals for myself:

Advent and Christmas with Thomas Merton

4 Chapters on Christmas from Relentless Tenderness by Brennan Manning

Watch for the Light– Compilation of authors

Next year, I’d also love to add in the celebration of the 12 days of Christmas starting on Christmas day. This year, I’m hoping to keep my eyes out for a random sale of those gorgeous pottery barn style 12 days of Christmas plates and a real advent wreath.

It was a great Christmas. I can say I did “remember that Jesus is the reason for the season”. I think I became slightly Catholic in practice of tradition..But, I didn’t freak out at the people saying Merry Xmas, either. Oooh..touchy subject. Wink. Smile.


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